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Database Services
Excal technologies has an extensive experience in data conversion and data extraction domain using various ETL tools. Our team of expert administrators works relentlessly in offering superior remote database support and database administration services. Another distinctive feature of our database administration solutions is that they are platform independent and hence more versatile.

Excal Technologies Pvt.Ltd provides services in comprehensive Data Conversion, Extraction and Data Modelling to our clients using the advanced technologies. We have expertise in data conversions since last 16 years. As technologies have been rapidly changing there is a continuous need of porting data from old system to new system or within systems for any organization to run their business effectively and efficiently.

What does Data Conversion mean?
Data Conversion can be defined as the translation of data from one format to another. Data stored in an old system is imported into a new database. Conversions can be very ugly and complex when data is moved from freeform text files into structured RDBMS.
We offer conversion services in following area:

 Conversion of data across various databases on different platforms.
 Data conversion between source oracle database and new oracle database when source and target data models are different.
 Data conversion between Source Sql Server database and new Sql Server database when source and target data models are different.
 Cross Data Conversion between SQL server and Oracle or vice versa.
 Cross OS platform database conversions between SQL server and Oracle or vice versa.
 Data Conversion from Flat Files, Excel spreadsheets to any RDBMS.
 Data Conversion for databases, word processors, spreadsheets, and many other standard and custom-made software packages as per requirement.

Please contact us with your data outsourcing and data conversion requirements.

What does Data Extraction mean?
Data extraction is where data is analyzed and crawled through to retrieve relevant information from data sources (like a database) in a specific pattern. Further data processing is done, which involves adding metadata and other data integration; another process in the data workflow.
The majority of data extraction comes from unstructured data sources and different data formats. This unstructured data can be in any form, such as tables, indexes, and analytics.
Data in a warehouse may come from different sources; a data warehouse requires three different methods to utilize the incoming data. These processes are known as Extraction, Transformation, and Loading (ETL).
The process of data extraction involves retrieval of data from disheveled data sources. The data extracts are then loaded into the staging area of the relational database. Here extraction logic is used and source system is queried for data using application programming interfaces. Following this process, the data is now ready to go through the transformation phase of the ETL process.

What does Data Modeling mean?
Data modeling is a representation of the data structures in a table for a company’s database and is a very powerful expression of the company's business requirements. This data model is the guide used by functional and technical analysts in the design and implementation of a database.
Data modeling involves Normalization which is a series of steps followed to obtain database design that allows for efficient access and storage of data. These steps reduce data redundancy and the chances of data becoming inconsistent.
We have been involved in many projects right from the conceptual data modelling, logical data modelling to physical data modelling.
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