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Online Test System
Introduction :
On line test engine as name suggest that this is test engine, where Administrator will arrange online test for his student. It is basically designed for educational institutes so that they can hold all their exams online. Thus a student can appear for exam online and can get it evaluated immediately. In this, enrolling students, creating tests, assigning it to students and maintaining history of results is all done, thereby reducing paperwork.
Modules :

Architecture :
 Administrator :
Administrator can give the authentication to users. Administrator can create the test paper and set the expiry date, so that it will be active for that particular period. Then he can assign the particular test to the specific students he want. Also he can set the time for the test.
 User :
First of all, user have to register himself in this system. After authentication from administrator he can appear for the test. As soon as user exit the test or test is completed he will be allowed to see the result.
 Analysis :
Results can be shown in the form of reports. Reports can be in graphical format. Section-wise marks and section-wise question attempts can be shown in graphical format. Also comparison of marks with the highest score and individuals score can be shown in graphical format.
Graphical Analysis:
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