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School Management System

 World class solution for school management
 Complete decision support system
 Extremely user friendly
 Integrated structure – avoiding data redundancy
 It is flexible and customizable to suit individual school needs
 Single Database Server System - Easy to maintain and administer
 It is scalable to incorporate RFID Tags, Smart cards, Biometrics, Mobile SMS and Barcode
 Any time-Anywhere data availability through web for efficient Decision Making
 In-built Help Menu and printed User Manual

Key Features:
 Comprehensive student records management – From the time of registration till the time of student leaving the school
 Highest security at User Level, Module Level & Form Level
 Academic Performance Evaluation for Students Throughout Sessions
 Report designing tool which can generate reports as per user requirements
 Exporting of various reports to MSWord, MSExcel, Acrobat, MSOutlook for mailing, sharing and processing
 Complete Financial Accounting/Inventory Management and Timetable Scheduler
 Integration with RFID Tags (Student I-Card, Employee I-Card & Library), Smart Card (for attendance, library and tuck shop), Biometrics (for teachers/staff attendance), Bar Code (for Library), Mobile SMS (for attendance, results, alerts, notices, etc.)
 Scheduled – Automatic Back-up on Network/Sever
 Financial Data importing from Tally – Accounting Software
 User-defined Progress Report Card, Transfer Certificate, Bonafide Certificate, Provisional Certificates etc


• Administrator:

Administrator can give the authentication to users. Administrator can create the test paper and set the expiry date, so that it will be active for that particular period. Then he can assign the particular test to the specific students he want. Also he can set the time for the test

•  Admission:

The pre-admission module is a convenient and a time saving provision to handle and trModules:

•  Administrator: Payroll:

The payroll module is designed for handling of remuneration/payment for employees/staff. This module provides generation of pay slips, provident fund statements, ESIC statements, professional tax statements, salary statements and sacral tax return forms. Various types of reports are available to represent the information generated
•  Fees:

The fee module enables you to maintain registers of fee receipts and outstanding amounts on a student/class basis. The fee module has a configurable structure for fines, and its calculations thereof. This module also provisions for scholarship management, fee waivers and optional fees. The module offers various reports for fees related information.
•  Staff:

This staff module lets you store all personal, relative, spouse, family, academic, professional, history data regarding a staff member. The staff module generates reports for current staff, transferred staff, retired staff members. The data is also maintained for future reference. The module offers a variety of reports.

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